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Audyssey MultEQ Pro Calibration


Until now, world class sound was limited to the best theaters. Now, with Auydssey MultEQ you can hear accurate, enveloping, and distortion-free sound everywhere in your listening room. MultEQ was developed over five years with $6 million of University-based research to discover how to build an advanced automatic system that can measure the acoustics of the room and correct audible sound distortion throughout the entire listening area, not just in one spot.

When you experience Audyssey technology, a cloudy layer is lifted away, leaving only clear, accurate, natural sound. Voice and dialog become focused and intelligible, musical balance is restored, musical instruments and sound effects become precisely localized, and surround soundstage is made seamless and enveloping.

Audyssey MultEQ ships as a standard feature in products from many of today's leading home-theater system manufacturers and can be self-installed. For even higher performance, a professional installation can be performed by an Audyssey-Certified Installer.

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