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Calibration Training


Professional Video Calibration Training


NEW! Personalized One Day Video Calibration Training!

With the explosion of powerful and affordable video calibration software and hardware over the past few years, many video enthusiasts have come to rely on their own skills to calibrate the multitude of displays in their home. However, calibrating a video display is more than just obtaining software and hardware. There are proper methods, techniques and pitfalls to be aware of before anyone should attempt to calibrate a display. Bad habits can be formed without formal training on how to actually perform a calibration.

SoCal HT offers one-on-one video calibration training for DIY enthusiasts who do not wish to attend either an ISF or THX Video Calibration seminar due to costs and non-professional interest. We offer you the ability to train with your own  video calibration equipment, and teach you the proper methods and techniques of video calibration. This will also provide an opportunity for the student to use video calibration equipment they have been considering to purchase.

The course can be tailored to focus on specific basic and advance elements. You are in the driver's seat!

Why We Calibrate at all
Brightness (Black Level)
Contrast (White Level)
Color, Tint
Grayscale and Gamma
Color Management Systems
Color/Tint with a Meter
Day & Night Modes

SoCal HT also works with individuals who may wish to gain additional experience and more “Hands On” training after having attended the ISF course, or have not yet attended any courses but wish to grasp the more advanced elements of video calibration.

Equipment we provide for training purposes or use your own:

• CalMan Professional Version 4 and 5 software
• Konica Minolta CS-200 Meter
• X-Rite i1 Pro 2 Spectroradiometer
• SpectraCal / X-Rite C6 Colorimeter
• AV Foundry - VideoForge HDMI 1.3 Digital Video Generator
• Accupel HDG-4000 HDTV / SDTV Calibration Generator
• SpectraCal / eeColor Box with
64x64x64 3D LUT
• Lumagen
Radiance XD Video Processor with 125 point (5x5x5) gamut correction
DVDO iScan Duo
AV Foundry Video EQ Pro

Contact us at
(818) 396-7457 for more details on how we can serve you!

*NOTE: This training is not intended to be a certification course. No certification of any kind will result from this training.

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