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Video Calibration


Have you ever noticed when you go to the audio/video store and look at that huge wall full of televisions that the picture on each one of them looks just a little bit different, and that a few look very different from most of the rest?

This occurs because the televisions in the store probably have their picture controls set to the factory presets, and each manufacturer seems to have a slightly different idea of what those should be. Manufacturers realize that their televisions on display are competing for your attention. Their factory presets are designed to grab your attention with a bright and colorful picture and not necessarily to properly and accurately display video information. Thus your television, as it comes from the factory, will not be properly setup for accurate viewing of a high-resolution video source such as Blu-Ray.

While the picture might appear punchy and bright, it will lack resolution and detail when compared to the picture of a properly calibrated television set. Once properly calibrated, your display will take on a more life-like look with improved detail.  It won't seem so much like TV anymore, it will have a smoother more comfortable film-like look.

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Sharing Calibration Settings: Results Compared
I just purchased a Panasonic VT60 plasma display, as did Ray Coronado, a calibrator in the Southern California area. Ray wanted to try to measure the results of using publicly available calibration settings on the VT60 with our individual units, and I wanted to know as well.

Rethinking The Importance Of Video Calibration
A lot of people think that today's HDTVs are so good out of the box that you only need minimal calibration, or no calibration at all. But as managing editor Andrew Robinson learned, that's not exactly the case....

Panasonic TC-P65VT60 3D Plasma HDTV (Review)
Tom Norton of Sound & Vision gets a little help from local calibrator Ray Coronado of SoCal HT.

The Pursuit of Accuracy: A New Video Series About TV Setup & Calibration
Adrienne Maxwell finds a new resource for TV Setup & Calibration, courtesy of THX Video Systems instructor Michael Chen and THX-certified video calibrator Ray Coronado of SoCal HT.

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